Aviation & Aerospace Training

Growing Aviation and Aerospace sector in India needs trained manpower. There is a huge underlying opportunity in providing specialized training for the aviation and aerospace sector.

GMR Aerospace & Industrial Park welcomes academic institutions and training service providers to set up training facilities in the park and grab this opportunity. This will also supplement our vision of providing a conducive atmosphere for businesses, to set up their training centres at GMR Aerospace & Industrial Park Hyderabad.

GMR Aviation Academy (GMR AA) was established at GMR Hyderabad International Airport, in 2009, with the objective of providing professional training and enhancing the knowledge and skills of GMR Airports' personnel. Over the years, it has emerged as a global gateway for Aviation learning in India for not only GMR's own personnel, but also for its peers and allied agencies in India and abroad with a full-fledged unit in Delhi as well.

The academy imparts quality education through highly skilled faculty members possessing diverse aviation experience in airports, airlines, air traffic control, cargo, safety and security, corporate aviation etc. The high quality programmes conducted by the Academy are unique as they are reinforced with On-the-Job Training (OJT) at the world's best rated airports at Delhi and Hyderabad.

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