GMR Hyderabad Airport City

GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited is developing this world class Airport city (Aerotropolis) in surrounding land near RGIA. “Airport City” is a multi-functional urban center with an airport at the heart of it as the chief economic engine driving aviation intensive businesses and enterprises. It is a place where travelers, airport employees and residents work, trade, shop, eat, sleep and are entertained. The land use development concept for the Hyderabad Aerotropolis has been carefully crafted to create distinct ‘ports’ or development districts catering to specific functions, while maintaining a flexible, scalable and yet organised development scheme.

The total land available to RGIA is 5495 Acres, out of which, the Airport City is spread over 1,500 acres which includes two SEZs of 250 acres each – a Multiproduct SEZ with focus on aerospace companies (operational) and a Multi-services SEZ (Formal Approval Obtained). Balance land of 1,000 acres is earmarked for a “Theme”/”Port” based Airport City which would include – Eduport, Healthport, Office Port, Funport and 100 acres of mixed use commercial zone dedicated for the Exhibition Center Project.