GMR Group believes that its commitment goes beyond business gains. This translates to a deep sense of ownership and practice of the concept “Social aldactone 25mg prospecto. Entrepreneurship”. Adopting a “bottoms –up” approach, the Group ensures that the peripheral community that it influences remains vibrant.

The GMR Varalakshmi Foundation, (GMRVF), the Corporate Social Responsibility wing of the Group, devotes its time, energy and resources in evolving innovative projects that span the areas of Education, Health, Hygiene and Sanitation, Empowerment and Livelihood and Community Welfare programs.

The group encourages and empowers all employees to contribute their personal time and effort Cialis no rx. Cialis online, buy zithromax online. for community and social causes. The Foundation’s initiatives around the Aerospace Park are spread across the nearby villages and the airport colony.

Business associates at the Aerospace Park can also partner the Foundation cialis buy on craigslist legal. in the wide range of development work to add on the socially relevant edge along the business edge.

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